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. as many as 50,000 are feared dead in the devastating earthquake in haiti. >> catastrophe. >> while the world mourns the lives lost, rescue teams search for those that still might be saved. >> once we realized he wasn't buried under rubble, we felt a lot better. >> back here in the u.s., families try to figure out just how they will get their loved ones back home. this is 9news now. >> new tonight, we're learning more about to victims with local ties killed in tuesday's devastating quake. >> officials say the first confirmed american death was a woman from dulles, virginia. victoria delong died when her home collapsed in the quake. she had been working at the u.s. embassy in port-au-prince since february of last year. >> the second victim was a university of virginia grad student stephanie jean-charles
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also died on tuesday. she was at her home with her family when she suffered a fatal head injury. jean-charles was a 2009 graduate and master's program unit at the school of leadership and public policy. >> but fortunately, there is some good news as well. a vienna mother and father tonight are rejoicing. they just got the word their 21-year-old son survived the quake even as they fight their frustration in not knowing exactly where he is or even exactly how he's doing. gary nurenberg is back with more of this good news, bad news situation. gary. >> reporter: well, derek, he is a blew ridge community college student -- blue ridge community college student. he leaves one school after talking with students there, the quake hits and that school collapses. before he can get to a second school where he's scheduled, that school collapses too. at least we think that is what happened. his parents describe him as a big kid, calm under pressure with lots of common sense. a friend called his mom and dad
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tuesday and asked have you heard about him. >> we immediately went and turned on the news and it was just really shocking and scary. and then we had to wait 24 hours before we had any indication whether he had survived or not and that was just awful. >> we were very worried because they had told us they would have a phone and the phone that didn't call out and the phone didn't answer. so the conclusions you come to when you see buildings are falling down, there has been an earthquake and there is no phone being answered and nobody calling out with a satellite phone are about as about as it can get. >> reporter: then a call with a college president with the word of an e-mail saying michael was okay. >> the e-mail was from a fourth party from a person who knew a person from a group and they gathered the names and the phone numbers and said call the parents and let them know they're all right. >> and so we were so relieved and so happy. and but then the happiness was
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sort of short lived because after dinner we turned the news back on and saw all of the chaos in port-au-prince and said, oh, my god, he's still there and he has to get out. >> reporter: they still haven't heard from him directly. >> we would like more than just one-third party e-mail. we would like to know that someone else has communicated with him to verify what we think we know. >> we want to hear a phone call from him to hear his voice that he's okay. and then we want to hear how they're going to evacuate them. >> reporter: so now they do what they've done all week, anita. wait for some answers. >> very nerve racking. thank you, gary. an arlington, virginia company has images and a variety of maps in real time from haiti. this helps relief workers and emergency responders figure out where to send critical resources like food, water, electricity and cell phone service. >> we'll work with a lot of technical groups to bring the
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tools and data. >> the fault line was, the roads, highways, points of interest, building footprints. >> the 4001 has plenty experience dealing with disaster. they made real time graphs accessible during katrina. the fairfax county rescue team have been saving lives and so far at it. a second team is heading down there to help. surae chinn has been with the unit and joins us live now from fairfax. surae. >> reporter: the rescue team made up of 42 men and women are on their way to the region of haiti. they left here around 8:30 this afternoon or this evening and we were there when they were mobilized. >> lots of uniforms. all our toilet trees. >> reporter: medical specialist kathleen stanley is going on her first deployment. >> this yellow bag is personal items we take with us all the
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time. >> reporter: she's making sure she's prepared. >> some of the essentials are work gloves, our knee pads, our sunglasses, safety glasses. >> reporter: while cindy porter and her three children say goodbye. >> you don't ever get used to it. >> reporter: her husband has been deployed many times in the military. it's not war this time but a battle against the clock. >> it's tough. but saving lives is what i'm hear to do. >> reporter: and what his team has already done. the first 81 members of the urban search and rescue team that left wednesday morning was one of the first rescue squads to land in haiti. the group saved a un worker buried alive in the rubble and are now in the process of saving four more lives trapped in a collapsed motel. back in fairfax after five hours of waiting, a quick snapshot. it was go time. >> we're ready to go. hit the ground running and let's go. >> go, guys. >> we hope we have a safe trip. >> safe guys. >> thank you. >> we'll pray for you. >> reporter: i'm told the crew
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is in the air heading to haiti. there was some question about landing in the dark in port-au-prince but we're also told that the military is helping out lighting the landing strip. we also don't know when they'll return, but they're prepared to stay there between 12-14 days. live in fairfax, surae chinn, 9news now and >> well, thank you, surae. ever since that earthquake hit, a lot of folks in this country have been scouring the social networking sites like facebook just looking for updates from family and friends. keep in mind, though, less than 10 % of haiti's 9 million people had regular access to the internet and that was before the earthquake. even so, people have been searching online just to try to get information about family. >> i'm doing well. my family is doing well. i saw the most horrible things in my life yesterday.
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>> social networking sites have gotten activists asking twit er followers to donate money via text messages. and don't forget you can log on to to make a donation. plus you can read more about the stories of the ongoing efforts and rescues. anita. new developments tonight in the felony gun charges against wizards star gilbert arenas as the star plans to hit another court come tomorrow. sports director brett haber joins us live with the latest. >> when the word felony appeared on the court document this afternoon, it appeared his worst fears had materialized. a felony, after all, is what could void the contract. but now it appears that felony charge was part of a deal that arenas agreed to. he was charged, as you may know, with felony possession of a pistol without a license in afternoon, a crime that carries a maximum sentence of five years in prison. but tonight we learned that arenas has agreed to plead guilty for that charge in
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exchange for little or no jail time. he will appear in dc superior court tomorrow to enter his plea and then it will be up to the judge robert moren to decide if his punishment will involve any incarceration or simply probation or community service. the question then becomes if arenas pleads guilty to a felony, can he salvage his nba career? since arenas admitted to bringing four guns into the locker room at verizon center back on december 21st, the worst case scenario would have been four charges of gun possession and a possible 20 years in prison. but arenas avoided that. this at his home in great falls tonight, a flurry of activity. his family members arrived. but gilbert who has not been seen publicly since being suspended did not appear himself. coming up later in sports, reaction from the wizards who are in chicago tonight. plus the police raid the virginia home of one of arenas's teammates today. we'll tell you what they found in 13 minutes. >> much more to know.
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thank you, brett. a new al kai ta threat is -- al qaeda threat is forcing all airlines to increase security. it's pressing for more random screening at airports. officials did not pin point any specific evidence of new plots sinls the christmas day -- since the christmas day plot but are examining all information that continues to pour in. and a standoff ended peacefully tonight. this after a capitol police officer reportedly threatened to harm himself. officers with prince george's county surrounded the complex when they got the call around 4:00 p.m. authorities say after a domestic dispute, the officer locked himself in the apartment. fortunately nobody was hurt and it was all over by 6:00. a massive tanker crash blocked traffic for hours along the i270 corridor. a look at what this means for your morning commute. plus. >> rescuing victims trapped under the rubble in haiti is a
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race against time. coming up, i'll show you how search and rescue teams do it. i'm meteorologist topper shutt out of the weather terrace. a little chilly tonight. not as cold as it has been. we'll take you out with the wakeup weather and try to get the kids off to school. cold again, not quite as cold as this morning. 24-34. i'm still putting some finishing touches on the seven days. storms are coming. stay tune.
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the first 48 hours are critical. and finding survivors from an earthquake. but people can live without water for four days. and rescuers are working as fast as they with to find them in haiti's rubble. peggy fox shows us how search and rescue teams train for that kind of a mission. >> reporter: finding survivors under piles of concrete takes a delicate balance between heavy machinery and careful searching. >> once we get up to it, we can see if, in fact, we do have a victim. >> reporter: dc's search and rescue team practices these drills regularly. this concrete plant provides plenty of slabs to look through and drill under. >> when they're looking for possible victims, they start with a listening device. and with these headphones, they can hear even the tiniest of fingernail scratching. >> reporter: take a listen. they also use
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rotating cameras fitted on the end of extension poles. >> as i see a victim right there so i would notify the chief i can see a victim, a live victim. and then we would go and extricate that person. >> once they find somebody, then a rescue group comes in behind them to start digging. and that crew moves on to the next building. so they're always leapfrogging each other going from building to building to building. >> reporter: after all survivors are thought to be found, the mission turns to recovery. heavy equipment comes in, moving huge slabs to retrieve bodies in clear debris. in dc, peggy fox, 9news now and >> most living victims are found in the first couple of days. but rescuers tell us people have been found alive in the rubble up to 19 days later. the folks who run metro all of a sudden in the market for a new head honch owe. today general manager surprised metro's board of directors and everybody else by announcing he's stepping down come april.
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here is what he had to say. >> i have decided that it's time for me to challenge my future in new directions. and provide the opportunity for the organization to move beyond the current distraction. >> and, let's face it, there have been plenty of distractions. specifically a train crash last year that killed eight passengers, three metro workers and a contractor fatally injured on the job, and all of this against the backdrop of big budget cuts. now, new tonight, crews have reopened all lanes following that huge tanker truck fire. that truck overturned early this morning near the i270 overpass. it was hauling nearly 9,000 gallons of gasoline which all went up in flames. we talked to a woman who heard the explosion. >> i thought someone's house might have exploded, to tell you the truth. because it was so loud and so intense. >> the driver was okay, but he has been charged with negligent driving. the accident made a mess. and for tomorrow all lanes of
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montrose road will remain open for the morning rush, but the crews man to make more repairs to that work between 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m.. she's best known for her frank talk about sex. and now dr. ruth has been hired as washington's honorary secretary of love and relationships. it is part of a stimulus plan to boost tourism during the month of february. but is the 81-year-old the right lady for the job? we have the story. >> i first had the relationship and good sex. >> reporter: she's the famous sex therapist with a sas see voice and -- sassy voice and now she's been hired with destination dc. >> can i say the word orgasm? >> you can. >> reporter: she hopes to show off the romantic side of the nation's capitol and boost business. >> the thought is how can we fill hotels, get people shopping out in a month where people don't do a lot of shopping. >> reporter: people are
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encouraged to create date night and many businesses will offer discounts. >> i love dr. ruth. >> it would be very good, especially if she would start showing her toys in all of the museum shops. but can this 81-year-old convince young people to find romance in the city. >> it surprises me that they would have chosen her. in younger groups i'm not sure it would be quite as effective. i'm sure she'll put a fun spin on it. >> they know who i am and they trust me. >> reporter: dr. ruth says if people laugh, that's fine with her. >> a lesson taught with humor is a lesson retained. >> the good doctor lives in new york city, but she's very familiar with our town. for her, the most romantic spot in dc is along the canal. the battle between jay leno
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and conan o'brien is providing a lot of laughs. >> cold outside, isn't it? lousy cold outside today? >> yes. >> you know, they say from the weather bureau they say it's caused by an arctic chill between jay and conan. [ laughing ] >> and now the buzz is that conan may leave nbc to start a show of his own at another network. and i thought where did he get an idea like that. >> conan o'brien said, no, he will not move to 12:05 in order to accommodate the new jay leno show, and he has not received any other offers from networks to switch. let's check in with topper shutt. top, spring time has arrived, right? >>. [ laughing ] >> i don't know. we hit 50 today. don't go crazy. but we might have back-to-back days of 50. cooler on saturday. rain on sunday. if you're north of gaithersburg
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and west of leesburg, you could have wet snow. primarily this is going to be a rain event and a cold rain event at that. weekend is flanking me. we'll do the forecast in detail overnight. just some high clouds, cold, 22-32 with light winds. not quite as cold as last night. no teens. tomorrow night partly cloudy, chilly. winds light at ten. howard is back with your bus stop forecast at 4:55 a.m. then tomorrow afternoon we could go back-to-back. highs around 50. winds out of the northwest at only ten miles an hour. not bad. satellite picture radar combined, pretty good storm getting organized. if you like snow, that is a prime location for storms to develop for us. and really the track is not going to be that bad. but we have no cold air whatsoever. so we're looking at a soaking rain with a ground frozen across most of the area. you can see a flood watch post posted. right now high clouds streaming across. it may keep temperatures up just
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a bit overnight. zone forecast, these are available on our website at we'll start to the west. now, 50 even out to charles town tomorrow. 50 with sunshine and this is a pretty good deal. low 50s for chantilly, springfield and stafford 53. downtown around 50. beautiful day for annapolis. 52 at north beach. no wind. no small craft advisories. water is pretty quiet. all right. the next seven days, 50 tomorrow. sunshine. clouds come in saturday. saturday we'll stay dry during the day. a little cooler in the 40s. and then little wet snow and then a cold rain on sunday. highs will struggle to get to 40. clear out pretty nicely, though, for the holiday. 50. got a couple of flakes in there tuesday and wednesday. that is not a storm. these are just some flurries. colder, though. highs around 0. and we're back in the mid 40s with sunshine next thursday. so this is the coldest time of the year, it's not a bad seven day. >> that's a nice deal. speaking of deals. >> yes. >> gilbert has got one.
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the question is will this let him salvage his career. gilbert has a deal, but can he keep his job with it? details struck between arenas and the prosecutors and why it puts his basketball future in severe peril. 9 sports coming up. just as we promise 100% fresh produce...
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it's time for 9 sports with brett haber, the best sports in town. >> hard to miss the eye row any that a dispute -- iron any that a dispute that arose over a gambling debt has now gotten a felony as a means to keeping himself out of jail he will not at the same time be sacrificing his whole nba career. as we reported this afternoon, he was charged with felony possession of a pistol without a license, a crime that carries a maximum sentence of five years in prison. tonight we learned that charge is part of a plea agreement between arenas and prosecutors where by he'll plead guilty for little or no jail time. he'll appear tomorrow to enter
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plea, and that's where it gets interesting. if arenas pleads guilty to the felony, even if he gets no jail time, it may trigger the moral turpitude clause if his $111 million contract allowing the wizards to void it, something the team could be very eager to do. the wizards in chicago tonight. they'll play the bulls tomorrow and they released this statement. we are aware of the charge filed against gilbert arenas today and we'll continue to follow the ongoing legal process very carefully. we'll also continue to cooperate fully with the proper authorities and nba. we will have no further comment at this time. meanwhile, arlington police today executed a search warrant at the other wizards player involved in that december gun play incident. he allegedly loaded and copped a gun in response to arenas that day in the locker room. police were seeking that gun but court papers tonight say nothing was seized from his home. which brings us to actual
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basketball tonight without the lawyers and the grand juries and the court appearances, although if this were a tennessee volunteers game, that would still all be true. i kid the volunteers because they're not here. this is a georgetown game. pirates turn it over. greg monroe one on none. he had a quiet eight tonight but he was dishing as well. monroe to vaughn for the throw down. hoyas win by 12. they're now 13-2. out in annapolis number five for navy is chris harrison. he had himself a game. 29 points. 14 for 14 from the stripe. navy wins 94-83. they're now 8-9. as 9 sports told you they would yesterday, the redskins interviewed tampa bay assistant coach richardman today. and besides from him being a coach, there may be another reason to hire him. he has been amen tore to the
11:26 pm
buck's -- a mentor to the bucks. and the 28-year-old was hampered by a knee injury this year. but in 2008 he had 83 catches, 1250 yards and seven touchdowns. by the way, offensive assistant was let go. one of the shermans is gone. shanahan drafted the 300 pounder back in the fourth round three years ago when he was in denver. he can play guard and center and the redskins need both. finally tonight if nba players spent as much time on their free throws as trick shots, they would be pretty good. this is alex from the tunnel backwards. really. >> for real? >> i'm not buying that. >> that is real. >> it's not fake? >> that's not fake. they're going to have to go outside the building to top that, because i don't know how you get any farther than that. >> come on. >> it reminds me of michael
11:27 pm
jordan, larry bird. >> nothing but net. >> nothing but net. >> we'll be right back.
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. and that is 9news now for tonight. thanks for staying up with us. letterman next with denzel washington. but first. thank you. that's a sign. >> a quick peek at the seven day. sunshine. cool on saturday. a cold, cold rain on sunday. nice on the holiday. >> did you say letterman was next? >> i did. i did. there you go. [ laughing ] >> goodnig>> we're always on at ring ring ring ring
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